Great Western Consortium (commonly known as GWC) is a private equity firm, with partners of more than 150 companies all over the world. GWC has 5 offices set up globally, with all our employees professionally trained by lecturers and consultants in seminars. Company assets under management (AUM) have already reached 50 billion USD in 2016.

The foundation of GWC business is our belief that our clients’ needs are of paramount importance. Our commitment to investment excellence is anchored in a shared culture that always places a client’s interests first, from individual investors to the world’s largest institutions. We act always as a fiduciary for our clients, never trading as a principal on our own behalf.

GWC business is built upon understanding and managing risk. Its ownership structure reward’s the preservation of capital and a measured approach to risk, and creates a culture of responsibility and accountability.

GWC is one of the largest participants in today’s marketplace. We have global presence. We invest hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure. We are among the market leaders in energy, metals and minerals. But we’ve never stopped improving. These are fast-changing, fluid markets. We keep one step ahead by staying nimble and curious.


GWC will generate superior risk-adjusted investment returns while forming and maintaining the highest quality industry relationships and will conduct its business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness.


We are more than just an investor, we are a venture capitalist. We create productive partnerships with our portfolio companies and enduring relationships with our management teams. Our approach is one of aligned interests, shared vision, integrity and hard work. We seek to build world-class organizations and long-term success.


With our sector expertise and experience, we understand the substantial opportunities and challenges of scaling a fast-growing company. That is why we maintain a selected number of investments and deploy our collective resources in support of them.


It takes the best people to succeed and we have spent many years getting to know them. Our network of entrepreneurs, thought leaders and executives delivers real value to our portfolio, sharing key learnings and insights in both advisory and operating roles.


At GWC, putting our clients first is the most important philosophy driving our business. This means developing innovative, effective, customized solutions that meet your specific financial and investment needs. We offer several key advantages to clients who make the commitment to partner
with us:


Our principals and staff aren’t just financial experts. We represent a diverse group of highly seasoned professionals that have worked as senior executives and CEOs in Private Equity, Hedge Fund, Venture Capital and Commercial Banking Sectors. We are intimately familiar with every aspect of the sectors we serve, from finance to market trends. We understand the unique challenges and pressure of the investment and financial markets.

Hands-on Approach

When you invest with GWC, we guarantee that one or more of our partners and senior staff will personally be involved in your investment. Also, unlike many firms, we do not just report the investment returns but guide you through any enquires that you have. We use our energies to source for good investments, and then we are there to help our clients understand the investment proper.

Global Reach

With our extensive global network in Asia, India, Europe, Central America, and Latin America, GWC can work with the right strategic partners or access exclusive financial information to stay ahead in this competitive investment market.


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