Great Western Consortium (commonly known as GWC) is a private equity firm, with partners of more than 150 companies all over the world. GWC has 5 offices set up globally, with all our employees professionally trained by lecturers and consultants in seminars. Company assets under management (A.U.M) have already reached 50 billion USD in 2016.

Private Equity

In private equity, we invest in businesses with world-class core capabilities and strong free cash flow characteristics where we have identified an opportunity, in partnership with company management, to effect change and build market leaders.

Venture Capital

Great Western Consortium funds are managed by an esteemed team of partners, advisors and specialists, bringing together a wealth of knowledge in corporate finance, strategy consulting, business development, legal advisory and access to global business networks. By pooling our shared expertise and resources, we work together with our portfolio companies to improve products, workflows and optimize strategies. The collaboration between GWC Inc. and our portfolio companies creates positive synergy that helps to maximize their potential and scale their businesses.

Hedge Fund

Great Western Consortium attempt to identify overvalued and undervalued equity securities while neutralizing the portfolios exposure to market risk by combining long and short positions. Portfolios are typically structured to be market, industry, sector, and dollar neutral, with a portfolio beta around zero. This is accomplished by holding long and short equity positions with roughly equal exposure to the related market or sector factors. Because this style seeks an absolute return, the benchmark is typically the risk-free rate.