A Journey Of Success

The management team comes from a long experience run in financial investing background Prior to establishing GWC, they field the biggest and most successful strategy consulting business in the US and EU region.

Funds managed by GWC have made more than 38 operating company investments, and more than 120 bolt-on acquisitions. GWC closed in 30th Sept 2016 at the cap A.U.M of US$42.8 billion.

The company has approximately US$3.5 billion equity funds under advisement. Managing with equity hedge department that was set up since 2012, since then it has brought an extensive revenue of more than US$15 billion to GWC’s investors.

Gateway to the region

The GWC diversified business investments ranges in a wide varies of industries including: precious metals, renewable energy, industrial metals, tourism and cloud computing technology alongside with other investment trend. A number of these businesses already have a steady growth in the market, and others are in the employable market with technology support.

Excellent and consistent returns

All mature GWC funds are currently in the top quartile. GWC is cited as a top performer in terms of performance consistency on Preqin’s 2014 annual report and has receive numerous nominations and awards.